15 / 52: Happy Easter!


Happy Easter Sunday! Hope you've been enjoying your bank holiday weekend so far? We've had a lovely staycation with lots of bouldering, cycling, longboarding, and even more coffee. A little while ago we came back home from COAST -  a local coffee shop that also has a great selection of surf, ride and skate related things. That's where we took the photo above. We enjoyed a coffee each and shared a chocolate egg stuffed Easter Rocky Road (so good!). The next few weeks are going to be quite full on again for both of us with lots of work related travelling (more about that soon). But then, things are hopefully going to slow down again so we can recharge. We did go ahead and book a long weekend in Barcleona for the summer where we've got a family wedding to attend. Finally some holiday plans!

Other than that, here are some of the things that inspired us last week:

Interesting Reads

The Science of Sticky Rubber in Climbing Shoes: Adam found this great article on the science behind climbing shoe rubber. Personally, I have been loving Vibram soles in all of my outdoor footwear: hiking boots, approach shoes, and lately also climbing shoes. I love how grippy the soles on these shoes are which gives me that extra bit of control that I've been needing in my climbing especially.

I also found it interesting that you could theoretically have ultimately grippy shoes but the price of the rubber alone would much exceed the current total price of climbing shoes.

Speaking of climbing shoes, Adam's been looking into Tenaya shoes which he recently tried at the gym and loved. Have any of you used them? Any thoughts?

Klean Kanteen's Take on Reusbale Straws: This one might be totally random but if you've been following us for a while you will know that we love our Klean Kanteen insulated mugs, steel tumblers and other accessories. I love, love, love the fact that they have recently release a couple of collections of reusable straws. There are plain ones and colourful ones that have a silicone top which basically means they don't get too cold and feel more like classic straws. I like the idea of these a lot and will definitely buy a set as soon as we've used up our current plastic straws.

How about you, what has inspired you last week? Did you do anything fun over Easter?

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