17 / 52: Home, Sweet Home


Traveling is one of the most eye-opening experiences that a person can have. It broadens your horizons, frees your mind and enables other overused travel clichés too. Visiting new places and experiencing new cultures is exciting, inspiring and can be a little overwhelming; sensations which make for heartfelt and emotive writing. Travel writers make their living by transporting people across countries and continents, conjuring images of far-off places, opulent colours and unfamiliar scents. But what of the feelings of returning home? This topic too has been covered more times that I can count, but the diametric opposition between "there" and "here" is much harder to describe. For me, the feeling of coming home is always one of mixed emotions. Undoubtedly there's happiness to get back to familiar surroundings and home-comforts. I always feel gratitude to have created new memories. Often there's a longing to return, or a sense of excitement for the next location, experience or opportunity. Sometimes I feel regret for that one thing that I didn't do, or that photo that I wish I'd taken a little differently. I often feel a little depressed after a trip, especially a long one; "how can anything here match up to the things that I've just been through". Somehow, returning to familiar places, seeing loved ones and looking back with a rose-tinted filter will always steadily dissipate the post-trip blues.

No matter how big or small the adventure, my most powerful emotion is unfailingly an overwhelming sense of appreciation and thankfulness for the opportunity to see what I've seen, go where I've been and do what I've done. How could it not be?

Soon I will post about my experiences in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but first I've got to sleep off the jet-lag!

Things We Loved This Week

And with that I am handing the word over to Anna for a round up of things that we came across and loved this week.

25 Books for the Well Read Explorer

This doesn't need much of an introduction. I can vouch for number 24, 11, and 8 because I love a good adventure, travel or exploration book. Is there anything on this list you would recommend we read next? Or maybe something that hasn't made the list but you still love?

See the list.

America's Next Blog Model?

Adam made me aware of this Instagram photo which inspired me to read Annika's blog post. I thought it would be fitting to share this today after Adam's intro on his recent travels. Sure, sex sells. But does it have to sell travel? Isn't there so much more to an adventure? Let me know what you think.

Read the post.

How to Find a Location for a Microadventure

For all those who wonder about the logistics of a microadventure Alastair Humphrey has put together a post describing how he goes about finding a location for a microadventure. Most importantly: always keep your eyes open and think like an adventurer.

Read the post.

Wedding Photos: Capturing Intimate Moments in the Outdoors

I found this Instagram account in the explore feed and loved how Katch captures so much emotion and intimacy in her photos. I love how she features the love language of touch in so many of her photos and the fact that the photos are often shot in the outdoors. I for one love the gallery and recommend you check it out and perhaps go and follow her blog as well.

Explore the feed.