The Coffee Lover's Guide to Dorset

The Coffee Lover's Guide to Dorset via Bee and Roo

While we love drinking and making coffee at home, one of our favourite weekend traditions is going out for a cup of coffee. We try to avoid chains and instead prefer to go to independent shops that have great roasts, some of which even roast their own beans. This list is by no means exclusive and we'll be adding to it as we discover new places. Please share your favourite local shops in the comments below!



Grab a coffee, have a snack, leaf through surf magazines. There's seating outside, in the café section as well as in the back if you are looking for a quiet atmosphere. Oh, and don't forget the surf, ride and skate shop featuring fun clothing brands, accessories ranging from kayaks to jewellery, and more magazines and coffee table books.

Location: Poole

Coffee Saloon


If we had a separate blog post on best banana bread in Dorset, the Coffee Saloon would top that. If you do go in for an excellent cup of coffee or even swiss-water decaf make sure you try a slice and ask them to butter and toast it! Also, The Dancing Goat at Ashley Cross in Poole belongs to this chain.

Locations: Poole, Wareham, Weymouth

Rockets and Rascals


Lock up your bike (locks are provided), grab a bite to eat and and enjoy a cup of coffee. This place is packed with bike related things: a little shop, cycling caps, magazines, guests stopping in their Rascals lycras to fuel up before or after a ride...

Locations: Poole, Plymouth

South Coast Roast


Probably one of the more commercial ones on this list but nevertheless a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in Bournemouth. If you are more of a tea drinker you should also try their selection of teas or cakes.

Location: Bournemouth

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