18 / 52: Rockets & Rascals


Since I got my bike fit a few weeks ago, my riding skills have come a very long way. Going down hills has suddenly become enjoyable, uneven road surfaces feel smoother than ever, and my Strava is showing that I have been setting new PRs left and right. Other than the cycling, we've both enjoyed being a lot more active recently. We just had to find the sports that we enjoyed for working out to not feel like a chore anymore. Now, we go bouldering almost every other day (yay for reduced membership fares!) and ride to the gym rather than taking the car. Many of our bouldering sessions end with some targeted strength work where we are quickly seeing results.

Today, before I was headed back up to London, we started the day on the bikes once again. A couple of cups of coffee and a cake at Rockets & Rascals  followed a push around windy Sandbanks. We were early enough to see the first kiters and surfers unload their colourful sails and zoom across the Harbour. And it struck us - we've been down here for a year now! Time flies but it's been an exciting twelve months.

Anyway, with that we are leaving you with some of the things we've enjoyed this last week:

Some Reads for the Weekend

A Hilarious Sounding Book

"The Great Outdoors: A User's Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Heading into the Wild (and How to Get Back in One Piece)". Just reading the title of this book has made me laugh out loud. I'd love to have this and whether you are already an outdoors veteran or a completely newbie this book should be on your wishlist.

Get the book

Dyno-ing for People Who Can't

Yep, I can't dyno. I have to admit I haven't tried more than a few times because I either didn't come anywhere close to the hold or simply hit an overhang with my forearm. Crux Crush outline three very easy to follow exercises that should help me (and maybe you) get there though. I'll be sure to start trying these in my next session.

Read the guide


Maybe you've seen it yesterday: Nike sent a select group of runners out on Monza's race track to try and run a marathon in under two hours. Apparently they invested around 30 Million Dollars into this project. They did get a World Record but Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge sadly missed the 2 hour mark by a few seconds in this lab-like atmosphere. Nevertheless, an incredible achievement!

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