19 / 52: Missing Home


Welcome back after a silent week. It's been a long week in London for me filled to the brim with chores. Last week flew past yet dragged on. A stark reminder that I miss being down south where life is slower, more organised, less hectic. Adam kindly drove up to London to visit me here and make the weekend less boring. We went out and did grown up things like wander through IKEA in search for a new bed. We left filled up with a total of 25 Swedish meatballs, a box of dinner candles and a replacement glass for the one we broke a while ago. The bed hasn't happened yet but is on our to order list most likely.

This week reminded me of how expensive life in London is. My daily commute into the office, the lunch bought at the "cheap" salad place around the corner, a leaving gift for a colleague, climbing at an overpriced and overfilled bouldering wall... . Since our one year anniversary of moving out of London is coming up next week I might feel inspired to write a list of all the fun things that Dorset life has given us.

In the meantime though, here is a different kind of list of things that did inspire us last week:

Interesting Reads of the Week

The Book of Dust

I recently picked up Philip Pullman's Northern Lights at Waterloo train station. The first 150 pages were so great that today I went out to buy novel two and three in the trilogy. Over the counter hung a big poster announcing the latest book around this series: The Book of Dust.

Assassin's Fate

Another hopefully great book that we have on our to read list is the recently published final book of Robin Hobb's Fitz and the Fool Trilogy: Assassin's Fate. This has been long awaited for us but it's also kind of sad since this marks the end of a phenomenal set of trilogies and range of books covering a fascinating universe. If you haven't read these you should start at the beginning now.

Chef's Table

This is actually a Netflix documentary series that I have recently started and that introduces the viewer to chefs and their history, restaurant, and story in a beautiful way. Even though I am quite picky and probably wouldn't be able to fully enjoy some of the dishes that are featured here, the art and craft of these Chefs is truly inspiring. If you've got Netflix do have a watch!