21 / 52: Beach Days


Summery weekends call for beach days. Or, more accurately a very sunny Friday, not so much Saturday though. I arrived back in Poole on Friday and am almost ready for normal life to start again. Because the weather was so gorgeous we kicked off the weekend by strolling down to the beach to play some frisbee. Saturday we planned to do more of the same but it ended up being overcast for most of the day so we just went climbing instead.

I feared that after 3 weeks of only very occasional climbs my performance might have already gone down. In reality though I managed a climb that I haven't been able to top even after trying it for weeks. That made me very proud. Then, the rest of the weekend thus far was mostly spent by catching up on sleep, stocking up on Lush products and eating curry and burgers. Basically all the relaxing activities that I really needed.

Tomorrow I am taking the car back to London before I set off on a short (business) trip to Germany. I am going to Hamburg and Berlin for two nights. Then, next week Friday I'll be back in Poole ready to restart my not-so-normal-anymore routine.

Since not very much more happened on the blog since then, here are a few things that we enjoyed last week and wanted to share with you:


Did you see that Sweden has now listed its entire country on Airbnb? What a great idea. I can't wait to go back here with our packs and tent to make use of "Allemansrätten" - the freedom to roam.

Read the article.

Chia Charge Energy Bars

We haven't made them yet but these nut butter and chia energy balls by Chia Charge look pretty damn delicious. I might actually throw some together ahead of that aforementioned trip to keep me fuelled up and stop me from getting hangry.

Get the recipe.

Tales by Light

I recently started watching Canon's Netflix Original series Tales by Light which accompanies a range of photographers around the world on their mission to capture the perfect shot. Whether it's underwater, festivals, or perhaps wild animals in the Savannah: the stories are great and the photos beautiful.

Watch the trailer.

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