April Favourites


I've never posted a "monthly favourites" before but really enjoy the format on other blogs and in YouTube videos so I thought I'd have a go. Also, how is it May already? I am ready for some sunshine now but am already loving how green all the trees turned last month. Anyway, let's move on to my (and in some instances our) favourites.

La Sportiva Katana

I have recently started bouldering in the La Sportiva Katana laces and have been loving how grippy they are. I was hoping for more control with a pair of lace ups and certainly got that. I also specifically like the laces on these because they are very easy to adjust. You know that feeling when you are having to pull on the end of the laces while you are adjusting them around your foot? You don't get that in these shoes. Once they are tight, they stay that way.

Garmin Fenix 5s

I've been eyeing up the Garmin Fenix range ever since Adam got a Fenix 3 a couple of years ago. Now that Garmin have finally released a smaller model which fits me much better I jumped at the opportunity. I have only owned the Fenix 5s for a couple of weeks now but have been wearing it non-stop (literally, I even wore it in the shower and to bed). Throughout the day I'll check my pulse on it but it also works for all my exercises and as a simple smart watch. Adam's Fenix 5 only just arrived but it's bound to be a favourite next month also.

Patagonia Better Sweater

My Patagonia Better Sweater and Adam's very similar Mountain Equipment Chamonix sweater have been true wardrobe staples for both of us. In an effort to downsize and create more of a capsule wardrobe I decided to splurge on this jacket a couple of months ago and it has since become one of those pieces that I probably wear six out of seven days a week. Not only do I wear it in place of a ratty old hoody, I also pair this with jeans and a shirt or use it in place of a jacket.

Dopamine Diet by Tom Kerridge

One of our kitchen shelves houses our small cookbook collection. I usually browse for recipes on Pinterest but sometimes I like leafing through a cookbook to find inspiration. When I recently found Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet cookbook at Waterstones I knew I had to pick it up. Not only does every recipe come with a picture (pretty much a non-negotiable for me), but Tom Kerridge also doesn't use a long list of strange sugar substitutes in his recipes. Our favourite recipe? His low carb bread! Yum...

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I wasn't too sure about Big Magic at first. But, as it is only a short book, I decided to stick with it and quickly finished it. This is a self-help book in a way. It is also one that most people will probably either love or hate. Why I am adding it as a favourite? I learned a lot about anxiety management from this book. True, it is all very "magical" (hence the title) but some of the lessons such as not suppressing the little negative voice in your head have encouraged me to be more open to good and bad things in my life. If you have been wondering about this book like I have then I suggest you give it a go and read it.

Osprey Flap Jill Micro

Based on the photos on the Osprey website I always assumed this bag was tiny and that I wouldn't have much use for it. However, after having seen the Flap Jill Micro at Cotswold Outdoor, I couldn't stop thinking about it. This bag is the perfect size to carry my camera, a tiny shell jacket like the Patagonia Houdini, my wallet, phone, power bank, and a few more bits and pieces. I've been using it as my go-to bag to go climbing, shopping, and travelling with and have loved being able to be hands free and not having to take off a rucksack every time I want to grab a spare battery or get my wallet out.

That's it for some of the things we have loved and used most in April. What about you? Let us know in the comments!