24 / 52: Heatwave


This weekend Adam flew out to Germany where he is currently exhibiting at OutDoor in Friedrichshafen. While he had a play on the SUPs I had good friends visit Poole for the first time. The weather was perfect to relax at the beach, sit outside and chat all night and explore the countryside on a hike. Last night, as we were considering what light and easy thing we could have for dinner, we put together the best meal for a group of friends to share: salad. But, not just any salad. To allow everyone to have dinner their way we placed a big bowl of greens in the middle of the table and then made a toppings buffet. There was humus, garlic bread, olives, chickpeas, feta cheese, salami, and much more. A bowl and a drink each and we were ready to dig in and enjoy. I'll definitely be making a bits and pieces salad again very soon.

This afternoon we all got into the car to drive back up to London together. Judging by the traffic all of London must have spent the weekend in the sun. So, what was supposed to be two hours quickly turned into three and a half. I was glad to not do it on my own but I also found it a bit worrying to see how many people clearly underestimate the effects a couple of days in the blazing sun could have on them. We saw some pretty bad driving.

Now, it's almost time for this week to end. Next week will be a busy one as at work we are going into the final push before the summer holidays. I already have at least one important meeting or event on each day of the week.

And now, before I go to bed, here are some fun things for you to enjoy:

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Rapha's Lightweight Essentials Case

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Where the Wild Things Play

Lately I've noticed more and more very badass women. Whether that's in the form of "Wonder Woman" in a movie or these very real women who "play" outdoors and are extremely good at the sports they do. It's a short video so give it a few minutes of your time if you need a little boost of female inspiration!

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