6 Road Cycling Instagram Hashtags not to Miss

Instagram is a fantastic place to dive deep into hashtag rabbit holes. I love it as a source of square and not-so-square shaped inspiration for both photography and personal achievements. Today, I've put together six of my favourite road cycling related hashtags that inspire me and will hopefully inspire you too. Better set a timer though as you probably don't have all day. And if you want to find the original image, simply hover over the photo for the Instagram username.


I like a good climb - who doesn't? Reaching the top is so rewarding especially because you can A) take in the view and B) ride downhill. #insearchofup features some pretty amazing views whether that's from the hill around the corner or a session in the Alps. If you want to take it one step further, you should also check out #everesting where the aim is to ride up the equivalent of Mt Everest in one activity. Yup, that's 8,848 metres of climbing.

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My favourite rides at the moment are the ones straight out my front door. Where I know every incline and every pothole, where the ice cream shop is and my favourite Strava segments. #localloops is frequently used by The Pedla who make beau-ti-ful cycling gear, by the way, but it also celebrates other segments of very rideable tarmac.

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This hashtag is tiny and was literally the result of clicking through one too many accounts and hashtags. However, the photos the tiny community have taken are absolutely stunning and make me want to pack up Olaf and head to Austria. If nothing else, this hashtag will give you a couple more accounts that you need to follow.

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#fromwherei... is a pretty standard Instagram hashtag. Whether it's about the place you are in (think #fromwhereistand) or from far above (#fromwhereidrone). This one is the cycling equivalent brought to you from all over the world. To me it serves as a reminder that it doesn't matter where you are, everywhere is good enough. Heck, even indoors!

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I often find myself driving along a road and thinking: this would be a beautiful road to take in on a leisurely ride. I've had that thought in Hungary, driving around Dorset, in the mountains, in Gran Canaria. But a lot of roads will do and a lot of them have a little special something. For example #roadslikethese.

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Cycling photos are often one of a few things: a 'butt' photo taken by a fellow rider, a bird's eye view of your own handlebars (which can be very pretty, don't get me wrong!), bikes in beautiful sceneries (including lookout points and coffee shops), and a number of other angles highlighting roads, jerseys, or bikes. This is one to have fun with so I hope you do enjoy!

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Finally, don't forget to leave your favourite hashtags in a comment below! I'd love to hear what you've come across or like to use! And if you want to see our Instagram gallery, come along this way.