26 / 52: QOM


Greetings from London! I'm back on my normal London work rota but before we start thinking about the next Monday, let's take a look at what happened last week. Originally, we had planned to drive up to the Lakes this weekend but we had to delay those plans by a week - stay tuned. Instead, we decided to go ride our bikes. One big Breakfast of Champions (= porridge) later we were on our way across the Sandbanks ferry. Full of energy we played a game where every time a red car passed us we would sprint for 20 seconds. That was fun on the flats, a tiny bit less fun on the uphills...

We cruised down to Swanage which was full of people in fancy dress going to the annual Pirate Festival. Usually, we turn around here and head back home for a nice and easy 20 miler. But yesterday we decided to take a little detour via Corfe Castle. The extra eight or so miles add some fun rolling hills and some pretty phenomenal views. We did abandon our sprints game though which I'm not sorry about considering I can feel my legs today.

There's a beautiful little parking bay when you go from Corfe to Ulwell where you are rewarded with a view of Poole Bay. On weekends there's also usually an ice cream van here - perfect for a mid ride snack break! I was far off an actual Strava QOM ("Queen of the Mountain") but still felt like one when we took the photo of the week.

Anyway, enough about our weekend. I've got a few fun reads for you as always and would love to hear what you got up to this first weekend of July!

Weekly Reads

Key Figures of Le Tour

Yesterday was Day one of Le Tour de France. It was wet and we saw the first few pretty scary crashes. I can't wait to tune into the next stages as the riders make their way around France and towards Paris. If you want to take a look at what Le Tour looks like in numbers, I've got a fun infographic for you that lays it all out. Pretty fascinating if you ask me.

View the infographic.


Here's something else that's cycling related. Have you heard of neatcleats? They essentially allow you to tidy up your cycling shoes by clipping them together on a carabiner or on wall mounts. If we had more space than the current drawer that I've got for my cycling stuff I'd totally own a pair of these!

Check them out.

Shot on Smartphones

You've probably seen the iPhone ads with photos taken on an iPhone or the Samsung ads that were entirely filmed on phone cameras. But, how much of it is a real phone and how much of it is high end technology? Marques Brownlee looks at the technology behind these "smartphone shots" and gives some interesting insights.

Watch the video.

How Climbing Holds are Made

And finally, have you ever wondered how climbing holds are made? I certainly have! A few weeks ago was the first time that I actually saw a hold break which was pretty crazy as they can usually take a lot. But it's fascinating to see how these colourful hand and footholds, volumes and quirky shapes are actually produced.

Read the article.