28 + 29 / 52: Of Vacations and Staycations


If you follow us on Instagram and seen our stories you might have noticed that we spent a few nights away. First we went to Spain for six nights and after returning to the UK we spent a night in a little boutique hotel just around the corner from where we live. We ate a lot of great food while we were away but most importantly we slowed down, read some books, lay by the beach, got a bit tanned, caught up with friends and family. And, we made more travel plans because that's the one thing I don't feel we have done much of recently. We're not planning to go away again properly until late Autumn but even until then we're hoping to fill our weekends with more adventures again. I'm sure you will see some of them here very soon.

Now, I'm battling a bit of a cold which I'm hoping Adam won't catch. I'm a bit annoyed because I know I caught it in London and I had been so excited to ride my bike today which in the end I didn't feel strong enough for. But we still managed to make the most of the day by filling up the fridge with some healthy food, getting rid and selling some bits and pieces that we don't need anymore and lying on the sofa, watching Le Tour de France finish.

And, because I took a few days off from the blog, I have an even longer list of fun reads, watches and other bits and pieces for you, I hope you enjoy!

Fun Bits and Pieces...

Café du Cycliste Badges

What a great marketing idea: you sign up for the Café du Cycliste Strava group, ride the cols around Nice in France and when you tick one or more of them off, you order you complimentary patch!

Read about it here.

Hammam Towels

One of our travel essentials is our Hammam towel. These are super absorbent, pretty, soft towels that you can use in place of your standard bathroom towels, for the beach, as a scarf, a bag or whatever else you can come up with. Loads of places sell these but the UK based shop bohemia has one of the best selections.

Find them here.

The 7 Best Rides in the World

After dinner last night Adam and I were brainstorming challenges we'd love to do if we got the chance. One of the things I mentioned was ticking some iconic bike rides off my bucket list. Whether that's in the Alps or right here in the UK. The Economist recently featured what they deem to be the seven best. Do you agree?

See the list.

Flyknit Climbing Shoes

You might have seen the OutDoor fair announcement already: Black Diamond are releasing a range of climbing shoes. These pretty looking kicks are made using flyknit in some of the uppers which I find very intriguing. I'd love a pair of these shoes as my fall back pair for when I want a bit more "comfort".

Discover the preview.

Fashion Meets Outdoors

Where fashion meets the outdoors you have my attention. I love brands like United By Blue or Patagonia for offering comfortable, fashionable but also adventure-ready wear. But now I have discovered Indygena and been swooning over their collection. Have any of you tried this brand? Any thoughts?

Explore the collection.

The Uphill Battle

One of the most interesting yet challenging aspects of cycling - in my opinion - is riding hills. I used to be scared of descending but am falling more and more in love with climbing and also rolling down our local hills. We only have a few long inclines and a handful of steep ones but I still found these five tips on how to win the uphill battle very interesting.

Read the tips and tricks.