30 / 52: Matcha, Malm, and More


Happy Sunday. This post I am writing from the comfort of our new bed. We spontaneously joined a friend on an IKEA trip late last night and finally bit the bullet on a new bed (the Malm ottoman, if you're interested). We've been complaining about my old bed which I've had since before I graduated from high school and the mattress which was even older. Tonight, hopefully, we will sleep comfortably and won't accidentally roll off the slightly higher and slightly slimmer mattress. Today, as you can imagine, I spent a chunk of my morning and even into the early afternoon putting everything together and only attaching one piece the wrong way around. A few hours of dismantling old furniture and building new one has taken a toll on my body so I've got a sore right hand and sore knees from sliding around on the carpet. It's funny how something you normally don't do - like for example standing when you work from a desk, or handwriting notes when you normally type on a computer instantly makes you feel sore.

Anyway, after shifting all the gear into the huge under-bed storage and doing a general tidy we eventually did end up leaving the flat for an hour to go out for a boulder. Adam did really well climbing his highest grade yet (though I can't tell you which one as our local gym only colour codes, not publicly grades the problems) and I tried out the 5.10 Anasazi shoes for the first time. First impression? These are super comfortable while offering really good precision and very, very good grip!

Finally, you might be wondering where the picture above fits in? I've finally had my first Matcha Latte yesterday. I figured that if I got one I might as well order it in a café (at Coast) that I trust and love. This one was topped with edible flowers and smelled great. Taste wise it was alright and I understand why people like it. But I don't think it's for me.

Anyway, time for some fun reads!

We don't need bikes for women

I believe the other day I shared an article on why women's specific gear is great. And I do have to say I agree. This week however I found this equally interesting piece on why we actually don't always need women specific gear. Specialized is a brand that seem to be going down this route more since having (re)launched the Tarmac. Amira was a plain women's bike but the new edition of the Tarmac, for example, mainly just features women's specific touch points.

Have a read.

Op-ed on female athlete body image

When Adam sent me this link I said to him that I find it quite hard to relate to body image problems because I've always - luckily - felt very comfortable in my skin. Not just that, I'm also proud of my muscles, my "battle wounds" (like callused up fingers, or my scars. I do know that a lot of women - and men - do struggle with body image though. And either way, this piece by Sasha DiGiulian is a great read.

Read the piece.


I think you know that I love listening to podcasts. In fact, I listened to some this morning while I was putting together the new bed. Recently, I enjoyed this specific one called Picaflor which was featured on Patagonia's blog. About a man who decides to set himself a challenge unlike anything he has ever done before and conquer a big wall on the other side of the world. Picaflor.

Listen now.

Our lives, 20 years from now

This article I came across on LinkedIn. And while it doesn't read too well, it's still very interesting to think about where technology might bring us in 20 years. What I found most interesting was realising that the world's greatest tech companies these days are tech businesses. Think about Über! They don't own taxis. Or AirBnB - they've not got a single hotel. Yet, these companies are incredibly influential and already shape our lives in such a significant way.

Read more.

Trans atlantic for $99

A while ago I watched a series of YouTube videos on airline travel pricing. About how business class all things (including square footage) considered, makes an airline the most amount of profit and about why flights simply don't go faster even though they probably could. Well, it's 2017 and in the next 12 months you will be able to fly across the pond to the States from $99. Read the article to find out what is included and what isn't.

Find out more.