June Favourites


Happy first of July! I'm really excited for this coming month because we are finally going on a holiday again and have made plans for the next three weekends already. But right now I want to share with you what we loved in June!

Brita Elemaris Jug

After a year of drinking limescale-y tap water and having tasteless tea we finally decided to get a Brita water filter jug. This one became an instant favourite because suddenly a glass of water tastes so refreshing! Yum! I'm looking forward to seeing how long the filter will last (the Elemaris automatically calculates this which is great). But so far, so good.

LUSH Roots Hair Treatment

I have super fine hair that is curly or wave-y but definitely far from being voluminous. Recently, I picked up LUSH's Roots Hair Treatment on a whim and it's like one those magic products that you see in ads. You massage the peppermint-y balm into your dry roots and it makes your scalp tingle and feel fresh. Twenty minutes later, rinse it out and voila, you are left with voluminous, shine-y, soft hair. I'm not sure if LUSH will be able to give out samples of this but if they do you need to get one. A single application was enough to convince me of how great this product is. And if you don't trust me, check out some of the other 182 reviews that give this product a 4.7 star average rating.

Teva Arrowood Swift Lace Sneakers

I recently found these trainers on Sport Pursuit and they have quickly become my day-to-day staple. They are easy to slip on, comfortable to walk around town with and even hold up on an easy hike. These will definitely be coming on holiday with me.

Hydro Flask

I'm using the above Hydro Flask as an example because Adam came home with a collection of Hydro Flasks that he received at OutDoor. They keep drinks hot or cold even longer than our beloved Klean Kanteen flasks and they come in a bunch of fun colours. I still prefer the muted colour ways of the Klean Kanteen bottles I think but Adam's been raving about these so I might just have to give them a try.

Patagonia Barely Baggies

In hindsight I would have probably gone for the slightly longer and higher rise Baggies rather than the Barely Baggies but these shorts are Great with a capital G. Made from a board shorts material these are quick drying, have an elasticated waist, a hidden pocket and a key loop. In my books that makes these perfect to wear after work, on the weekends and any time I go to the beach.

La Sportiva Miura VS

These Miura VS's are Adam's new favourite climbing shoes. He went for the women's version which is more padded (believe me, he is not the only one!) and he absolutely loves them. Similarly to my Katanas these are super gripp-y, offer a lot of precision and are pretty down turned. Also, the colour is super pretty!

And that's it for our June favourites. Of course there were more things that we loved but I wanted to make sure we only list those things that we really got a lot of use out of and truly enjoyed. Let us know in the comments what you loved in June!