Staycation at The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth (and Dinner at No. 34)

A few weeks ago Adam won the Instagram competition for a night at a local boutique hotel called The Orchid Hotel in Bournemouth. We reserved a standard room for last weekend  and decided to go all out and treat it like a real getaway. The date happened to be close to our anniversary too which made the timing even more perfect. On Saturday afternoon we packed a small bag and drove the ten minutes across to Bournemouth. Our first impression was great: a welcoming lobby with a bar on our right hand side and the restaurant No. 34 to our left. We checked in and - passing some beautiful event rooms that would be perfect for a wedding party as well as the cute garden - we found our room. We were staying on the first floor in a room facing the back of the property. My first thought? It was so quiet and idyllic! The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth Staycation Review via Bee and Roo

After taking a few photos to be able to share the experience with you we unpacked, hung up our clothes for the dinner we had reserved, and I treated myself to a hot shower. The Baylis & Harding shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner smelled beautifully of mandarin and grapefruit. A lotion would have been a nice addition but I won't complain!

The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth Staycation Review via Bee and Roo

Since we still had a bit of time to relax on the room we checked out our entertainment options. There was a TV and a solid internet connection. I do have to admit that the router must have died half way through watching a show on Netflix but we didn't come to watch shows after all. As is pretty typical for a hotel in the UK the room had a small kettle with tea, coffee, and even hot chocolate. A cup of PG tips tea with semi skimmed milk later it was time for dinner.

The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth Staycation Review via Bee and Roo

For dinner we had booked a table in No. 34. I only took a few photos that I have shared on Instagram stories so excuse the quality. We ordered a bottle of the Holmes Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and enjoyed our meal. My highlights were the Twice-Baked Wookey Hole Cheddar Cheese Soufflé and the Salted Caramel Ice Cream that came with Adam's Apple Tatin.

After dinner we went across to the bar for a night cap. The bar has a good selection of gin and tonic, wine, beer, coffee, and cocktails upon request. The Old Fashioned which we both went for was great and lovingly made. I also absolutely loved the glass it was served in! The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth Staycation Review via Bee and Roo

After dinner we curled up in our comfortable bed. I love it when hotels have big, fluffy duvets rather than just sheets. Oh, and fairly thick pillows! This ticked all the boxes. The blinds let us darken the room a fair amount but we both slept so well that we didn't really wake up until around 9 the next morning.

And that was that! The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth did not pay us for a review nor are they aware of us writing this for the blog. But, we absolutely loved our little staycation. In fact, we loved it so much that we've decided to make a staycation a bit of a tradition for our anniversary: book a nice hotel even if it's close by, go out for dinner, enjoy a day off. The Orchid Hotel is a lovely location if you are looking for somewhere nice to say in Bournemouth. Or, if you just want to go for a dinner No. 34 has made it to the top of my list of local restaurants. It might even be one of the nicest meals I have ever had.

The Orchid Hotel Bournemouth Staycation Review via Bee and Roo