31 / 52: On Returning "Home"


It's Saturday. Well, not when this is going live, but right now it is. I am sat at Heathrow airport where I arrived way too early mainly because I had nothing better to do. But I don't really mind because I quite like the atmosphere at airports. When the excitement and anticipation of your fellow travellers is palpable. Today, I am flying to Berlin. It's a strange trip because five days ago I didn't know I was going. And now I am spending one night in the only place in Germany that I ever lived in and two nights in the town I was born in. I am excited to be going home. At the same time I am sad that the reason I am travelling is to say goodbye to my grandfather who passed away earlier this week.

But this is a happy place and I am happy. Happy, because I have known him and been with him in Moscow, in Lagos, in Washington, and in many more places. And because I find it fascinating to have known someone who has seen so much of this world yet lived in the same place for many, many decades. My grandparents were the only people I know whose phone number hasn't changed in years. To me that's crazy. I don't know how often my number must have changed. Five times? Ten? Probably more if you include all the travel SIM cards I must have acquired over the years.

So, today I am looking forwards to coming "home" even though it isn't home. But it kind of feels like it with all my family that I see so rarely in one place. When you read this I will already be there. Right now, I am just really excited for this getaway! I hope you all have had a great weekend so far and that you have a trip to look forward to! Happy travels.

And now for some fun reads (and more)

New race shades

If you've seen my favourites then you will have seen that I am in love with my new pair of Oakleys. However, I also have a couple of different pairs of Sungod eyewear: my skiing goggles and an everyday pair. The former I absolutely love, the latter are sadly just a little bit oversized. Now Sungod have released a brand new product: the Pacebreakers. Perfect for cycling and other action sports. I Love (with a capital L) the look of these especially because every last bit can be customised. If you are in the market for some, check them out!

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12 giveaways

I almost don't want to write about it because I'll probably want to win every single item but Ray Maker's annual massive giveaway is coming up. 12 sports gadgets will be given away over the course of 24 hours. Check out his post and mark your calendars. You do not want to miss this!

To the teaser.


I love coffee table books. But what I love even more are educational coffee table books. Velopedia appears to tick both of those boxes and looks fun too! If you are into cycling, infographics, stats, graphic design, or any combination of these then you should check this out.

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When life is finally lived

This is a post about mental health and rehab but also about the impact of the outdoors. I will let the post speak for itself because it's a strong story but I do have to say one thing: being outdoors really does help recharge. I haven't met anyone this hasn't had a great impact on. If you are stuck inside, in a rut, or just not feeling too well go outside, hug a tree, go on an adventure.

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