32 / 52: Microadventure


Tonight we're feeling sore and pretty chuffed. Instead of talking about microadventures we finally decided to make a plan and go on one. Friday was prep day, we bought some food and drinks, packed our bags, decided on our outfits and anticipated the weeekend. Yesterday, when we rolled out of our comfy new bed it was go time! We fuelled up, checked that our water bottles were filled, grabbed the camera, adjusted our packs, and set off. Our first leg of the journey took us to Swanage by bus. We sat on the top deck, taking in the views, eager to hike. Instead of walking an out and back route we wanted to explore a section of the South West Coast Path that we hadn't been to yet. So, we continued on, got in a taxi at Swanage railway station and drove a few miles further West. The nice driver who dropped us off in Worth wished us a great hike and clear skies to watch the meteorite shower. Then, we started hiking. Our adventure was really beginning! About ten minutes in we were ooh-ing and aah-ing at the beautiful coastline. We must have taken a few dozen photos by this point already.

The path took us along fields and past popular climbing crags and we were happy to be out in the sunshine feeling alive and enjoying the moment. We took it easy and arrived back in Swanage around two for sandwiches, tea, and cake (of course, there is always cake!). We took our time and explored Swanage's town centre before making our way back to the Path. After having dropped into town, the next leg of our journey was going to take us up again. I wrote about the Swanage to Studland section before, if you want to check out some photos. Our destination was Old Harry's Rocks - a favourite spot of ours to camp out at.

When we got there around five it was bright and way too early to pitch up. But we couldn't complain: the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, we had brought our Kindles. The next few hours pretty much flew by and before we knew it the sun started to set and tinted everything in a golden and then pink light. We put on more layers to stay warm and got a message from a couple of fellow adventurers who also planned to camp out to watch the shooting stars. A little while later we met up.

After finding a camp spot we made dinner. Macaroni and cheese is one of my favourite meals for a short trip like this, it's not healthy but delicious after a long day of walking. We shared our fellow star-gazers bottle of Rum and looked out for shooting stars while telling stories of adventures near and far. When we finally collapsed in our sleeping bags (I say "finally" because we were exhausted, not because it was particularly late) we must have fallen asleep within minutes.

Luckily and even without an alarm I woke up just in time to watch the sun rise. We had positioned the tent so that we could look out straight at the rising sun. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much to see. But I did take the photo above. One of the rules of sleeping outdoors is to leave before people spot you. So, we packed up (another rule is to leave no trace) and by seven were already hiking again.

The final legs of our microadventure took us back towards home: we hiked East to the ferry and then back home. The route took us through beautiful purple heather fields amongst which we stopped to cook a quick breakfast and drink a cup of coffee.

By 11.30 AM, not even 27 hours after we had left the house on Saturday, we unlocked our own front door and were back. Now, as I said, we are both sore and are just chilling out. But we had a phenomenal weekend and hope that you enjoyed our quick recap as well as our Instagram stories if you were one of the many people who followed along!

And now for some fun reads!

If you've made it this far, congrats! This is the section where we dive into some (usually) completely unrelated topics that we wanted to share. First off:

Smart lights

If like us you love a certain blue and yellow branded Swedish furniture shop then you might have seen some smart light set ups that they have been coming out with. Anything from wireless charging to smart lightbulbs. Now, IKEA's lights get even smarter and will be able to integrate with your smart home gadgets.

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Real life fit guide

I am currently shopping around for an autumn cycling kit that isn't boring. One of the brands my hunt brought me across is Ride Nomi. Their collection itself is definitely worth checking out but what I particularly loved is their real life fit guide. What a great idea!

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Top tarp tips

This one is slightly more related to today's topic of microadventures: it's tips on how to set up your tarp for camping. I have to say the first time I used a tarp I wasn't too happy with how we had rigged it so these are definitely some useful learnings.

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And finally, an Instagram account by a fellow German cyclist and founder. Susanne Haller (you might know her brand Fingers Crossed who make awesome cycling socks?) has a beautiful arts-y feed that combines normal photos with interesting detail, light, composition, fun captions and little drawings and other quirky elements. I am obsessed and could just keep scrolling through her feed.

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