Episode 1: Camp Kitchen

Well, this is exciting! We uploaded our first YouTube video. It's short so do go ahead and watch it. And if you like it, maybe next time we'll do some talking as well!

One of our Microadventure traditions has been eating Macaroni and Cheese, the cheesier the better. In this video, we are sharing our dinner with a view with you. In order to keep things fairly light and also pretty affordable, we went with only one cooking system, our MSR Trail Lite Duo System. In essence, this is a pot that comes with bowls and mugs for two. We replaced the mugs with some collapsible ones and filled the pot up with the MSR MicroRocket stove, a gas canister and the rest of our cooking supplies.

Instead of spending a little fortune on boil in the bag meals we decided that it would be easiest to buy a couple of bags of Mac 'n' Cheese at Tesco. Pretty much any brand will do as long as you make sure you bring everything that you need to add. Obviously, if there is less to add there is also less to forget. Our meal required the addition of milk and water so we brought some UHT milk in a Klean Kanteen flask which worked perfectly. In hindsight, I might have brought some extra grated cheese (the pre-grated ones are usually the driest and will keep best) and some salt and spices.

The meal was quickly thrown together. We just had to bring the water and milk to a bowl, then simmer the pasta for a few minutes. Clean up was also really easy as the pot and bowls are very easy to wipe down. Next time I would consider bringing a little sponge, water wipes or antibacterial wipes as we only had water and our hands as well as toilet wet wipes. But you live, and you learn! One backcountry best practice is to do the clean up right away. If possible and you have enough water you can even clean it before digging into your meal.

Well, and that's that. The rest of the video are a few clips from around Old Harry Rocks which you can also see in this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any feedback in a comment so that we can improve on the next video!