Would You Travel Back to the Same Place?


The World is so big you could easily travel somewhere new every time you go on a holiday. But, there is also a point to be made for going back to somewhere great.

Yesterday, we went travel guide shopping.

We are in the middle of planning a late November getaway and I wanted to start planning by learning more about our destinations. Looking at all the 'Lonely Planets' and 'Rough Guides' made me wonder: would you travel back to the same place?

On the one hand there is so much to see that it would almost feel like a waste of time to not explore somewhere new every time you get the chance. As we picked out our guides for this upcoming holiday we were already compiling a mental list of places we could visit next: Scandinavia, Malaysia, Greenland, Peru,...? We could ski mountains we hadn't been to or explore new underwater worlds.

On the other hand though, it's also nice to go back somewhere. Our first holiday together took us back to Budapest where I used to live. That trip gave me a chance to show Adam my favourite Cafés and squares in the town. But it also allowed me to see the place through fresh eyes.

With my family I've repeatedly been to the same ski chalet. Every time we walked through the door it felt like returning home. They knew our names, we were familiar with the local arrangements, it was easy, nothing could possibly stress us out.

And then sometimes, when I really want to go and see a specific sight or do something and don't get around to it I think: whatever, there is always next time. It's good to not always tick everything off your to-do list. Leave something for when you come back. That way, at least, you have another reason to return. Because every time you come back there will be new things for you to see.

So, would you travel back to to the same place?