36 / 52: Bilbo


Happy Sunday! I've been loving having a few plants in our home. This one is our newest addition: a Hobbit plant. We nicknamed it Bilbo - ha! What are your favourite plants to keep around the house? I'd love to get a String of Pearls plant and my Mum always had a Yucca plant which survived months in a container and moving across three continents! My kind of home. I'd move in in a heartbeat. What about you?

MAAP Visit the Slovenian Alps. Stunning! (And I might have placed an order for some of the kit...)

Welsh zero waste cleaning supplies. Use code 3686a3 for £5 off your first order.

A great guide to Ubud. What are your recommendations?

It's a boy!

Minimalistic kit done right. Take a look at their bibs!

Are you signed up to watch the big event? I certainly am!

Strictly is back! How did you like the first episode?

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