40 / 52: Happy Weekend!

Exploring Branksome Chine in Bournemouth (via Bee and Roo).jpg

What a great weekend this has been! A new "Eatery" opened just around the corner from us and we went for a spontaneous and super delicious lunch out. I also bought some art supplies because I really wanted to do something with my hands, away from a screen. So I've been doodling and digitalising some of my doodles (notice the little drawings of flowers and twigs in the logo, side bar and footer?). Finally, I've started a Lightroom clean-up mission and it feels so good to finally have a system! 

What have you been up to this last week or weekend? 

10 perfect gifts for cyclists (I'll have one each please!) 

These sound delicious! But be fast, they are limited! 

Caroline Gleich's ski movie. What an inspiration she is

Ray Maker's ANT+ Symposium Keynote. Very interesting.

First kiss stories! So sweet.

I just started reading this. Have you got any other recommendations?

Totally baking these next week

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