42 / 52: Stormy

Branksome Beach during the storm via Bee and Roo

It's been a great weekend for us! Yesterday's crazy weather was perfect for taking photos at the beach, and this morning, after a restful night of sleep, we managed to go through those drawers and boxes that just hold a random collection of stuff (you know the kind) and get them sorted. I also discovered that podcasts are great entertainment for long, boring car rides and listened to a couple of episodes on my drive up to London. 

A fun little Kerning game. I scored 86, how about you?

Map reading 101: Contour lines for beginners

Check out this super high vis ski jacket

Would love this for the coffee table.

A behind the scenes of Kona's tech - wow! 

A quick and great guide to Budapest

This bag is super popular amongst photographers. Thoughts?

Speaking off, I love these two tripods: bendy, small