43 / 52: Autumnal Vibes

Bee and Roo

It's Autumn in Dorset. Driving through the New Forest I noticed all of the lovely shades of orange, yellow, red. The fallen leaves are crisp and I love listening to their rustle as I kick them up. What else is different? It's been dark for a while now, the clocks have changed. And it's Timberland boots and scarves weather. One of the best seasons of the year is here! 

Leah Thorvilson is in for another year! Go her! 

Should we fear AI?

Pom Pom Galore: This would be a super easy DIY

Stranger Things 2 is out! Have you been watching? 

The best fall beers for pumpkin haters. Haha! 

Halloween movie and cocktail pairings

Makes me want to learn the Charleston. What an inspiration she is! 

Adam's now riding these (the 28mm ones). A popular choice.