What's in Our Travel Camera Bag?

What's in our travel camera bag? Via Bee and Roo (www.beeandroo.com)

Some of my most treasured belongings are my photo albums and DVDs full of photos and videos that my parents took when I was younger. My Dad used to bring his camcorder on every trip and I love going back and watching the films or looking at the photos. I still remember the dark blue camera bag lying in the back seat of the car when we went on a road trip... 

A few weeks out from our next trip (we're going to South East Asia in case you missed it!) I am beginning to make lists of the things I want to pack. One of the more important things on that list: my camera kit. So, today I'll be sharing that list with you, so you can get an idea of what's happening behind the scenes on a bigger 'Bee and Roo adventure'. 

The all rounder: our Mirrorless Full frame Camera

At the heart of our set up is our small full frame camera along with a couple of prime lenses. Most of the time I plan to clip this onto my rucksack but I am also bringing a couple of accessories like a small tripod and a microphone. 

  • Camera: Sony a7ii - a compact full frame camera which is light in weight and produces large images that can still be cropped if needed
  • Lenses: Zeiss 35mm f2.8 and Sony FE 90mm f1.8 Macro G OSS - the 35mm is our small all-rounder, the 90mm is perfect for close ups, portraits, and more distant subjects
  • Tripod: Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2 - perfect for stabilising long exposure shots or video recording.
  • Microphone: Rode VideoMicro with dead cat

The superhero: a small action camera with great output

One of the things I am looking forwards to will be taking some underwater photos and footage. Our action camera is perfect for this but will probably be used for day to day filming as well. 

The Random Bits and Pieces: to Keep everything running smoothly

Finally, there's all the 'random stuff': extra batteries and storage, smaller accessories, the things that don't actually make it into the day to day bag but keep everything running smoothly. 

  • Maintenance: Lens and camera cleaning kit
  • Spares: Spare batteries, SD Cards, Micro SD Cards: always pack multiple smaller SD cards rather than one big one. Worst case, it's better to loose some of your files than all of them.
  • Charging: Charging cables
  • Camera bag: Osprey Farpoint 70 & Osprey Fairview 70 daypacks: instead of a specific camera bag we will be taking the integrated daypacks from our Farpoint and Fairview rucksacks 
  • Accessories bag: Osprey Ultralight Washbag (Padded): this is actually super useful as it has multiple pockets, is lightly padded, and opens wide. 
  • PeakDesign Capture Clip
  • GOBE Polarizing Filter to fit the 35mm lens
  • Dry bags to keep the gear safe when it gets very wet
  • Gadget insurance 
  • iPhones: these deserve a mention for their cracking camera and because yes, they will be used for photo taking and video recording

And that's it! All these things will be going into my carry on luggage because I definitely don't want to arrive in Singapore without my camera kit. On most days we will only be carrying one camera with lenses and a few accessories though. 

I'd love to know what camera equipment you travel with! Are you a full SLR kind of person or an iPhone artist? Leave a comment and let us know.