44 / 52: Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night via Bee and Roo

This weekend marked the first time I got to experience a proper Bonfire Night. We spent Saturday evening with some of Adam's colleagues, eating Pizza, watching fireworks, and playing table tennis. We're also very excited because our holiday is approaching quickly now - finally - and we just decided on an itinerary of where we want to go and what we want to do in Indonesia. Next weekend will be all about prep. But for now: another straightforward week of work for us and a bunch of interesting and fun thing from around the web for you. 

The new GMM starts tomorrow. Will you be watching? 

New from the Pedla. Love how you can mix and match everything

Garmin's first dive watch. A super exciting direction! 

Adam's favourite: The Pact Coffee advent calendar is back

The cold season is here, 5 reasons to ditch your puffy.

Imagination: Tom Wallisch. A beautiful ski video.

Do schools kill creativity? This is still relevant.