46 / 52: Greetings from Asia!

Science Museum in Singapore via Bee and Roo

Greetings from the other side of the world! Earlier this week we boarded a plane to South East Asia and flew away for two fun packed weeks of adventuring, eating all-the-food, diving, and immersing ourselves in foreign cultures. Our last two nights were spent in Singapore where we stayed in a super fun hotel right in the heart of the city (more about that very soon). Now, we're off to Indonesia. To Bali, specifically. But while we are flying a bit further away we have of course got some fun reads for you.

A drone & photography guide to our beautiful home Dorset.

Stay warm this winter: a guide to down. 

How to make aeropress camp coffee. 2 ways!

Super funky rashguards. Which is your favourite?

Where we play: Strava's newest heatmaps are amazing!

5 great reads. Added some of these to my reading list. 

Exploring the North Caucasus. A stunnnig destination!

Gear by women, for women.

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