48 and 49 / 52: Back to Reality

Singapore Marina Bay skyline at night via Bee and Roo.jpg

It's funny sometimes. We went on holiday and I had prepared some posts to go live while we were away. But then we got most of the way through on weak internet, made it back home, and reality caught up with me so I never posted anymore. Anyway, as you might have guessed by now, we are now back home in the UK. Our holiday was every bit as relaxing and wonderful as we hoped for it to be. We didn't even suffer through too much of a jetlag. The journey home was one long chain of various transportation methods: a horse cart, boat, overcrowded bus, small plane, big plane, car, another car. But 36 hours later we had made it half way around the world.

The week that followed was also full of exciting events. There were Christmas parties to be had and dinners with friends, a trip back up to London, and shopping for a mountain of gifts followed by wrapping them all. 

And that brings us to Sunday. Next week will be equally packed with fun and activities. Star Wars is coming out for one and then we're headed up to Winchester for a nice day out with family. You'll definitely hear from us before then though!

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