Twenty Eighteen

Farleton Knott in December 2017 via Bee and Roo (

Happy new year! How fun to start a new year on a Monday. Even without new year‘s resolutions I like the clean slate. 2018 will be all sorts of crazy and I‘m expecting it to feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Since planning anything at this stage is really difficult I just want to start the year with some goals and intentions. 

For 2018 I want to take things one day at a time. In a few short months I’ll be moving again so I want to make the most of the days I’ve got here. 

But we’ve also got big travel plans that need some planning. We’re likely to do some more smaller trips rather than flying somewhere far away at the end of the year.  

In 2017 I’ve fallen (back) in love with cycling, climbing, and yoga. This year I want to do more of all three. I’m especially excited to explore new roads on the bike and spending some long days on the saddle. 

And last but definitely not least I will be making an even greater effort to take care of this beautiful planet.