39 / 52: Happy Pumpkin Spice Season!

Adam in Bournemouth

It's that time of the year, pumpkin spice flavoured and scented everything is available again: lattes, candles, pies... and it's finally cold again to crack out the jumpers, my favourite Patagonia gillet and the long button down pyjamas (the best birthday gift!). It's also the time when I start dreaming about winter sports - even though we just booked a holiday to somewhere warm. I'm drooling over all of the 2018 skis and can't wait to add a couple of new bobble hats to my collection. 

What's your favourite thing about autumn? 

10 tips for buying skis. Haha!

Speaking of skis I've been eyeing up these...

Have you seen the new Sonder road bikes?

Absolutely loving this new lens we've got

Got this in the oven right now. Yum! 

More yum: Pumpkin spice everything.