Gift Guide Part 1: For Rock Climbers, Backpackers, Camper Van Owners, & Gear Nerds

Welcome to our Christmas gift guide! While we're enjoying hopefully good weather in Asia, we wanted to share our favourite gift ideas for a bunch of categories to allow you to get a head start on the best season of all. Starting today with an adventure gift guide. This one is for those who love to get dirty, never stop exploring, know how to make a mean dinner on a single stove, or just love a little challenge. All of the gift ideas below are general suggestions but if you want to click through, we will have linked to the exact products, which are some of our favourites, too.

Without further ado, let's get started! 

The Microadventurer

First of all, let's look at gift ideas for micro adventurers in your life. Everything on this list should be lightweight, packable and most importantly useful. Our backlit Kindles have been light to carry and served us well when we wanted to preserve our torch batteries in the tent. They've also become a travelling must have. Even with the light turned on, it feels like reading a real book. Genius! 

Hestra make some of the very best gloves (do you need some for a skier perhaps?), you can find windstoppers or liners, whatever makes the most sense. Petzl head torches like the new Reactik+ are smart and lightweight and this one is a firm favourite of ours. It's also come along to Asia with us. Really, you can never have too many good headtorches.

Next, adventurers always love a cup of coffee or tea: an insulated flask or canister and some nice single serve coffee or even an Aeropress are great ideas. There are a bunch of ways to carry food and drinks into the backcountry but you can never go far off with anything lightweight that can also take a beating. 

And finally: multi tools. Yes, it might be weird giving someone knives or tools. But these are so handy. From cutting up food when you're outside to serving as a hammer when building IKEA furniture. A Leatherman is a classic and will always come in handy. 

The Maxiadventurer

Perhaps, instead of carrying their kit in a rucksack, they drive a van or adventure from their doorstep? This one is for the maxi adventurers. We for example love to bring the outdoors inside by surrounding ourselves with inspired items. Think steel pints, a cast iron skillet, books of inspiring adventures, wool or even down blankets. These are both practical items and fit our lifestyle. 

Or perhaps some van-entertainment: again a Kindle would come in very useful, or some compact speakers? Even a good insulated flask would come in handy because let's be fair, there's nothing better than feeling warm and cozy inside a van, sipping on a hot beverage, when there's a storm outside. 

Stocking Stuffers

Last but not least, stocking stuffers! You can never go wrong with food-y treats for adventurers. Jerky and Clif bars are some of our favourites, you could bake a batch of biscuits even. Anything merino is also a great idea: Smartwool socks are our absolute favourites for running, skiing, hiking, everyday. A merino Buff or a beanie (maybe you can knit one yourself?) are also great ideas. I've never heard any outdoor lover say that they had too many bobble hats! 

Or maybe some campfire entertainment: a deck of cards, a wooden cup,... . And in case of an emergency, don't forget about head torches, first aid kits, matches, or gas canisters. These will always come in handy! 

Any other ideas for the adventurer in your life? 

P.S. Stay tuned for the next gift guide in the series!