How do You Drink Your Coffee?

International Coffee Day via Bee and Roo.jpg

Happy international coffee day! Today I want to know how you drink your coffee. We have all means of coffee making equipment at home: a cafetière, a Chemex, a Bialetti (see above), and a coffee grinder. Add to that a selection of cups, mugs, and flasks, and a selection of beans and we're good to go. We are currently trying out Union Roasted beans. I like their Natural Spirit blend for Chemex coffee and the Foundation blend when we make it in the Bialetti. 

During the working week we usually make our coffee using the Chemex which is easy and really relaxing. We'll have a cup each and there's always enough for Adam to take some into work with him. He has his with a little bit of milk and I drink mine white. 

On a weekend like today we often make espresso style coffee using our Bialetti. I love this with some frothed up milk although our frother sadly broke. We've yet to buy espresso cups but that might be next up on the equipment list. 

Lastly, we sometimes have bulletproof coffee (1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp unsalted butter, warm milk) and iced coffee in summer. I also love cold brew but only made that myself twice so far. And then there are some seasonal twists: this morning I added some pumpkin spice to the coffee, sometimes I'll have a dash of Vanilla syrup.

And that's how we drink our coffee. How about you? 

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