Gift Guide Part 2: For Globetrotters, Lonely Planet Readers, Travel Vloggers, & Jet Setters

For Part 2 of our gift guide we have collated some ideas for travellers. 'Backpackers' and 'Jet-Setters' seemed like two great sub categories to break this down to. And finally, as with the last gift guide, we've got some stocking stuffer ideas! So, let's get started. 

For Backpackers

This kind of traveller is probably conscious of weight but loves to take in as much as possible at their destination. Think lightweight and multi purpose. A drone or action camera might be a real treat but camera filters (be sure to get the right size - this will be listed on the lens or can be found out online) are a fun idea too.

The perfect flip flops (REEF make the best in my opinion!) will be worn all day, every day and sports gear like some snorkelling or diving accessories could be fun too, if they are into that kind of thing. Perhaps they prefer a winter getaway rather than a beach one? Think cute mittens, a nice bobble hat, an insulated flask, perhaps. Or maybe they like another activity: I like a great packable yoga mat, for example. 

For Jet-Setters

This kind of globetrotter probably loves a city trip or is looking for a bit of luxury on the go. A great set ofwireless headphones that will connect to any smartphone is a fantastic idea, as is a travel bag or suitcase. I love Lo & Sons for bags: their carry-on bags are absolute workhorses and their camera or cross body bags are favourites of a lot of travellers. Away make a fun range of suitcases with built in chargers and smart features. 

But I also love a pair of travel pyjamas, a guide to their next destination or even a cookbook with recipes from far away places. The lululemon scarf above can be worn as an infinity scarf, used as a blanket, or worn as a jumper thanks to the buttons on the ends - how genius is that?

Stocking Stuffers

Finally, stocking stuffers! Socks, a sleeping mask or even a scented sleep kit are nice to snuggle up with on long haul journeys. Some even like applying a face mask (perhaps choose a clear one, you don't want to scare other travellers because your face is covered in charcoal!). A travel wallet that holds all the essentials is one of my most frequently used pieces (Bellroy make some beautiful ones but we also love our Osprey version). This will fit a passport, pen, cash, cards, and it will often have extra storage for other currencies, boarding passes, and the like. 

I also love to geek out over tech accessories. Think: smartphone lenses, travel adapters, a smaller pair of wireless ear buds. 

What other carry-on friendly gifts can you think of? 

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