33 / 52: Powerless

Let’s see whether I’ll have enough juice tonight to publish this post. As I am starting to write this it is Sunday night, the electricity in the house comes and goes and we won’t be able to get it fixed before tomorrow. It’s a bit of a nuisance I do have to admit, but it could be worse – a cold day or a dark season.

The one thing that does bother me is that we seem to always have problems in London. I’ve lived in a lot of places, some of which were not nearly as developed as London. But we never quite faced the multitude of problems that we are experiencing here. London life seems to like throwing curveballs: regular WiFi problems, electricity cuts, you name it. In Hungary – just to name an example – where I would have expected this sort of problem, we never really had to suffer. The one period where the Internet speed got slower by the day was solved with a quick phone call and next day part replacement (on the house, of course).

We did always doubt the American power lines. Considering the DC area saw a decent amount of snow and the power lines were all overground we only had a handful of cold nights in when a snow sodden tree branch crashed through the cables. But back then it was easy enough to simply move into our camper that would be parked outside and spend a few days camping instead.

Anyway, every country I have ever lived in had its quirks, upsides and downsides that you learn to love or have to simply accept. It does inspire me to work on a new format though. Something along the lines of an “Expat Diary” series where I want to share life abroad from my point of view. Let me do some thinking about that and I hope to be able to share something with you very soon.

And now, enough of my ramblings!

Climbing in the Furnace

I’m currently always on the lookout for some great cycling related blogs. I love the MAAP one which is full of pretty pictures. But they only post very infrequently. If you do have any recommendations I would love to hear about them in the comments! I did find one of their recent articles very interesting. If you want to see what a hard climb in the United Arabic Emirates might be like you need to…

…read about it here.

Free pads

I still don’t know why in some countries sanitary products fall under luxury tax. At my workplace there used to be a box full of tampons and pads with a note along the lines of: “if men had periods these would have long been here”. Well, they are gone now and I don’t know what happened to them. And that’s why I love this initiative for free pads. No girl or woman should ever have to worry about her period.

Read the article.

The prettiest leather goods

I first came across Bellroy when I saw their MAAP collaboration. Since then I’ve had a chance to look at some of their accessories first hand at Heathrow Airport. Let me tell you they are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I particularly loved their key holders, wallets and phone cases. A lot of their prices are quite reasonable. I do like their more exclusive Designer Collection as well though.

Explore it here.

Camp kitchen

And finally a bit of self promotion since I’m so proud. Don’t miss our first video: a look into our camp kitchen and our microadventure itself. I would love to hear any feedback! I can’t wait to get back into filming.

Watch the video.

Episode 1: Camp Kitchen

Well, this is exciting! We uploaded our first YouTube video. It’s short so do go ahead and watch it. And if you like it, maybe next time we’ll do some talking as well! One of our Microadventure traditions has been eating Macaroni and Cheese, the cheesier the better. In this video, we are sharing our

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32 / 52: Microadventure

Tonight we’re feeling sore and pretty chuffed. Instead of talking about microadventures we finally decided to make a plan and go on one. Friday was prep day, we bought some food and drinks, packed our bags, decided on our outfits and anticipated the weeekend. Yesterday, when we rolled out of our comfy new bed it was

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31 / 52: On Returning “Home”

It’s Saturday. Well, not when this is going live, but right now it is. I am sat at Heathrow airport where I arrived way too early mainly because I had nothing better to do. But I don’t really mind because I quite like the atmosphere at airports. When the excitement and anticipation of your fellow

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July Favourites

As it’s the beginning of a new month it is favourites time for us! This time around you could call it a “holiday special” because we’ve brought all of these things along to Barcelona with us and loved them. Without further ado, let’s get started. Osprey Farpoint & Fairview Pictured above is the women’s specific

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30 / 52: Matcha, Malm, and More

Happy Sunday. This post I am writing from the comfort of our new bed. We spontaneously joined a friend on an IKEA trip late last night and finally bit the bullet on a new bed (the Malm ottoman, if you’re interested). We’ve been complaining about my old bed which I’ve had since before I graduated

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Exploring Montjuïc: a Barcelona Favourite

Montjuïc or “Jewish mountain” in Catalan is one of my favourite places in Barcelona. There’s a lot you could do here but I like to visit just to take in the views, stroll around the park and have a siesta. Unlike some other parts of the city it’s easy to find a quiet corner to

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