25 / 52: Recharge

This weekend has been all about taking it easy and recharging after a couple of very intense weeks at work. Adam just returned from OutDoor in Friedrichshafen on Thursday, I drove from London back down to Poole on Friday. Today turned out to be sunny and warm so we went into town to go for a wander and sipped iced coffees at South Coast Roast.

OutDoor must have been great with innovations including the new MSR WindBurner Group Stove System, Osprey’s ultralight Levity backpacks and a range of other innovations that I can’t wait to test and have a play with.

It was also very full on though so we decided to spend Saturday and Sunday relaxing at home, cooking and eating good food and sleeping in in the mornings.

Now, we’re not too far away from our next holiday – a trip to Barcelona. Simultaneously, we are planning a short trip to the Lakes next weekend (more about that soon) and possibly a bigger adventure in the Dolomites in September. More about that when we’ve actually finalised plans. For now, and while we keep recharging, here are a few fun reads for you:

3 fun bits for the weekend


An app that lets you relive your outdoor adventures and integrates with your favourite exercise tracking apps? That’s Relive! I just came across this app last week but since I love reliving my adventures I am looking forward to having a good play with this soon.

Check it out.

The ultimate guide to cycling lingo

Are you a Fred (usually someone who is considered an amateur road cyclist) and new to all the cycling lingo? This guide by the Greatist should help you get up to speed with all the important terms and names.

Read the guide.

7 habits of interesting people

I bet every single one of us is an interesting person. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading Forbes’ article on what they deem to be seven habits of interesting people.

To the article.

24 / 52: Heatwave

This weekend Adam flew out to Germany where he is currently exhibiting at OutDoor in Friedrichshafen. While he had a play on the SUPs I had good friends visit Poole for the first time. The weather was perfect to relax at the beach, sit outside and chat all night and explore the countryside on a

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Visiting RSPB Arne: a Photo Story

Welcome to another photo story. This time we are taking you along on a hike around the Arne RSPB Reserve. Visiting Arne has been very high on on our list of hikes to do around the South West but we had not yet gotten around to going there. A couple of weekends ago we did

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23 / 52: Finding my Mojo

This week made me feel like I was getting back into the swing of things, like I was finding my mojo again. On Bee + Roo Adam wrote about his time in Vietnam and there are more posts coming up next week as well. Offline, we’ve been making some big improvements in bouldering and me

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Ho Chi Minh City – a Flying Visit

In April, I took a work trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Though it was a very brief trip without the opportunity to see very much, it’s fun to look back and give a reaction, as well as to think about what I would like to make sure I see next time! Leaving from

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22 / 52: Brands and People who Inspire

That’s a wrap – the jet-set life is over for a little while. I just got back from Germany on Friday, have unpacked my bags, filled up the fridge and settled back in. It feels good to be at home! We’ve already been out for a boulder, hiked around Arne (more on that soon!) and

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21 / 52: Beach Days

Summery weekends call for beach days. Or, more accurately a very sunny Friday, not so much Saturday though. I arrived back in Poole on Friday and am almost ready for normal life to start again. Because the weather was so gorgeous we kicked off the weekend by strolling down to the beach to play some

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20 / 52: On Gratitude

Plans change. Life happens. I’m still in London. Just a few more nights though. When I first found out I would have to stay a bit longer my instinct was to be disappointed. But, when I took some time to reflect I decided that I’d rather be grateful for the opportunity and make the best of it.

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