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41 / 52: Kanelbullar

As it's not very often that we have a commitment free weekend we took it very slowly. We rode our bikes, then went out for coffee, prepped some food including these delicious Kanelbullar (Cardamon and Cinnamon buns) and a big pot of stew, then indulged in a similarly chilled day today. We also got the chance to hang out with a friend in town, we shared some drinks, then bought the biggest cheesiest (think stuffed crust!) pizza that could possibly fit in his oven and watched comedy! 

Speaking of relaxing, I've felt fantastic after Wednesday's Yoga class. I left the studio with a big smile on my face and signed up for another class straight away. I did wake up really sore on Thursday though, and Friday, and even Saturday! But it was worth it and I can't wait to go back. 

Canyon's new 2018 road range is out! And I might or might not have ordered one...

Sasha DiGiulian's home baked energy bars. Yum!

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Wearing and loving this shade of nail polish at the moment.

How a climbing volume is made

Stunning photos, I love the iceberg shot! 

This resonates with me: my home.

Do You Have a Mantra?

Do you have a mantra? Bee and Roo

Today I want to tell a story about my yoga practice. 

A few years ago I regularly went to a small Yoga studio in Budapest. I'd go three to five times a week for months. Often to have classes alone or with just a few fellow yogi expats who, just like me, appreciated this little space in the centre of town. 

Our teacher who studies in Mysore would try to teach in this same authentic way. We practiced with intention and learned a lot. Some classes would start with brief discussions and idea sharing, at other times we would study chakras, breathing, chants,... and then, at the end of every class we would come together in the little kitchen to share a cup of tea.

In one of my first yoga lessons my teacher offered us all his mantra. He explained that we could of course choose our own mantra or use one we already had. But he also offered that we could use his. 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

I adopted this mantra for my studies. It means "may all beings everywhere be happy and free". 

In the years since having moved away from Budapest I haven't looked for a new teacher as I was waiting for the right place. The thing that stuck with me was the mantra, the lessons and the friends I have made at the place. Tonight, I am really excited to try a new Yoga Shala. Fingers crossed this place will be able to take on a similar role in my life. I'll let you know! 

In the meantime, if you have a mantra I would love it if you shared this is the comments below. 

40 / 52: Happy Weekend!

Exploring Branksome Chine in Bournemouth (via Bee and Roo).jpg

What a great weekend this has been! A new "Eatery" opened just around the corner from us and we went for a spontaneous and super delicious lunch out. I also bought some art supplies because I really wanted to do something with my hands, away from a screen. So I've been doodling and digitalising some of my doodles (notice the little drawings of flowers and twigs in the logo, side bar and footer?). Finally, I've started a Lightroom clean-up mission and it feels so good to finally have a system! 

What have you been up to this last week or weekend? 

10 perfect gifts for cyclists (I'll have one each please!) 

These sound delicious! But be fast, they are limited! 

Caroline Gleich's ski movie. What an inspiration she is

Ray Maker's ANT+ Symposium Keynote. Very interesting.

First kiss stories! So sweet.

I just started reading this. Have you got any other recommendations?

Totally baking these next week

September Favourites

September Favourites via Bee + Roo.jpg

Looking back at September it seems that a lot of my favourites were in some way travel related.  No surprises there considering I spent a  few days in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and, most recently, Paris. 

Sony FE 90mm f1.8 Macro G OSS. Most loved by far this month is my new lens. Before settling on this lens I had been eyeing up this 85mm version which is significantly lighter and also a bit cheaper. However, I was lucky and got a bargain deal on this - in my opinion - more versatile 90mm model instead. This one is coming to Asia with me! 

Books. I've been loving reading Helen Russell's books about life in Denmark as well as self improvement. Adam's favourite of the last month was Cryptonomicon. Have you got any similar recommendations for us?

Osprey Washbag Carry On. Over are the days of often single-use flimsy zip-loc bags to store liquids in for travel. To be fair, I have switched to a lot of solid cosmetics anyway. This clear Osprey washbag has gone with me on all my recent trips though. My only criticism? I wish the top was as wide as the bottom. Nevertheless, this one's a keeper and we both have and love one. 

Hydro Flask. I love both Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen. The former for marginally better insulation (Adam's opinion, I haven't tested it), the latter because I personally prefer the colours. Adam has been making a cup of coffee in his red one to take into work all summer long and now that the days are getting colder and shorter I often take mine along when I leave the house as well. Nothing really beats a steaming hot cuppa when you're out and about, does it? 

And you? What have you been loving in September?

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How do You Drink Your Coffee?

International Coffee Day via Bee and Roo.jpg

Happy international coffee day! Today I want to know how you drink your coffee. We have all means of coffee making equipment at home: a cafetière, a Chemex, a Bialetti (see above), and a coffee grinder. Add to that a selection of cups, mugs, and flasks, and a selection of beans and we're good to go. We are currently trying out Union Roasted beans. I like their Natural Spirit blend for Chemex coffee and the Foundation blend when we make it in the Bialetti. 

During the working week we usually make our coffee using the Chemex which is easy and really relaxing. We'll have a cup each and there's always enough for Adam to take some into work with him. He has his with a little bit of milk and I drink mine white. 

On a weekend like today we often make espresso style coffee using our Bialetti. I love this with some frothed up milk although our frother sadly broke. We've yet to buy espresso cups but that might be next up on the equipment list. 

Lastly, we sometimes have bulletproof coffee (1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp unsalted butter, warm milk) and iced coffee in summer. I also love cold brew but only made that myself twice so far. And then there are some seasonal twists: this morning I added some pumpkin spice to the coffee, sometimes I'll have a dash of Vanilla syrup.

And that's how we drink our coffee. How about you? 

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